Why You Should Donate a Car in NY Instead of Bathing in Ice Water

Popular charities, such as the recent ALS fundraiser, get a lot of attention due to their unique donation format, but they can be a disservice to other well-meaning charities. A report on the Quartz website published last August 14, 2014 details how high-profile and competitive charities can detract from the noble goal of actually helping others. The article makes a good point regarding how charities can encourage people to genuinely lend aid: Read more

How a Car Donation in New York Will Genuinely Benefit a Nonprofit

The ALS fundraising campaign has been quite successful lately thanks to the participation of celebrities, but the campaign’s true goals may have been largely overshadowed by the hype generated by the “ice bucket challenge”. An article on Time’s MONEY website section, dated August 19, 2014 discusses how the ALS campaign, despite good intentions, might be focused too much on its ice-bucket-pouring gimmick: Read more