Connecting To Life at Center for Hearing and Communication

Connect to Life is their tag line and very much their mission. After touring their downtown Manhattan facilities, it became clear to me just how the Center for Hearing and Communication connects the people with hearing loss to life. For their clients, many of which are children, it is a place of opportunity and inspiration. It’s a cheerful setting with hallway walls filled with pictures of smiling children and their artwork. Behind every door, devoted staff works hard improving the quality of life for people with hearing loss by providing the highest level of clinical proficiency and technical skill in the hearing healthcare field. Read more

Programs offer summer fun and support for kids in need

Priscilla Alcantara and Campers at Summer (B-Safe) Program

This is an excerpt from a piece written by Sharon Sheridan.

It was the first day of B-SAFE, St. Stephen’s Youth Program’s summer enrichment program in the South End and Lower Roxbury neighborhoods of Boston. One girl in Priscilla Alcantara’s group kept wandering off, unwilling to talk to the other sixth-graders, because her friends were in a different group. Alcantara, a teen staff member, asked if Priscilla wanted to talk to her instead. Alcantara, 17, stayed with the girl and helped her feel comfortable making new friends. Read more

We Make A Living By What We Get But We Make a Life By What We Give

Our own problems often command our attention at the expense of charitable giving. Suddenly our neighbor’s problems lose their sense of urgency and it becomes all too easy to look away. Make a difference in one person’s life today. We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.

Change begins with our choice to make a difference

On any ordinary day we can choose to make a difference. Great people, who make a big difference, most times don’t do anything extraordinary – they just do small, good things over and over again. To create change we need to change. For things to be different, we need to see things differently. As Shakespeare observed, “The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves.” We can do nothing or we can choose to make a difference.
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