Donate a Car in New York—The Best Pre-owned Cars to Donate this Year

Considering how vast the planet is, one might think that making a difference or changing the world for the better are feats best left to extraordinary individuals—but such is not always the case. As Aesop, the popular Greek storyteller, once stated: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Therefore, whether you’re planning to volunteer at local charities or donate your car in New York with the help of car donation processing companies like Miles Ahead Network, know that you’re about to contribute and support a noble cause.

Car Donations: How Your Car Today Gives Hope for Tomorrow

That said, if you want to truly maximize your donation, particularly when it comes to used cars, you would want to give something of value. Although nonprofits can always use what little you can give, you should make sure that the pre-owned car you donate is of sturdy build and quality, so your nonprofit of choice can make the most of its sale. Forbes recently made a list of the best used cars that money can buy for 2014. Suffice to say, these will be the best cars to donate. Below are some of them:

Acura TL
Like all the cars cited in this slide show, the model-year 2011 Acura TL sports-luxury sedan received above average marks for dependability from J.D. Power and Associates, and remains affordable as a used model, based on current estimates from Kelley Blue Book.

Buick LaCrosse
The 2011 midsize Buick LaCrosse remains a stylish, comfortable and soft-riding sedan; it received top marks for durability from J.D. Power.

Cadillac CTS Sedan
The midsize CTS luxury sports sedan has proven reliable and an affordable resale value makes it a solid value for enthusiasts on a budget.

Cadillac DTS
This throwback soft-riding full-size luxury sedan was dropped from Caddy’s lineup following the 2011 model year, but it delivers a comfy and cavernous interior, with top reliability rankings at a reasonable price.

If you own one of the cars above, then the charity of your choice can look forward to receiving more funds. Indeed, the better the car’s condition, the better price it can fetch. However, do keep in mind that car donation processors also accept cars in any condition, even vehicles that are no longer running. Additionally, if you plan to earn a tax deduction with your donation, then ensuring the car is in good shape is a key step toward increasing the deduction amount you can get.

To expand your options regarding the number of nonprofits you can donate to, New York car donationspecialists like Miles Ahead Network can connect you with qualified nonprofits that can utilize your donation to the fullest.


(Source: The Best Used Cars And Trucks For The Money,, February 19, 2014)