New York Car Donation Drives and the Art of Giving Without Spending

People have been engaged in acts of philanthropy throughout the ages. These selfless acts of giving, often through monetary means, have been revered for so long that in the minds of many, giving has probably become limited only to finances. However, not all those who would genuinely love to give to charity have much spare cash lying around. reader “Two Shekels” shared the same dilemma. Fortunately, writer Eric Ravenscraft offered some timely advice. In a reply to the query, Ravenscraft said:

Giving is a good notion, regardless of what your income level is. Studies have shown that spending money on others can have a better effect on our personal happiness than spending it on ourselves. Of course, if you don’t have much, it can feel a little crummy. However, there are plenty of ways to contribute without going into debt.

Here are some ways to effectively donate to charitable institutions or causes without ever spending a buck:

Volunteer – For people with not much money to spare, giving time and effort in support of a worthy cause is enough of a donation. Food pantries, soup kitchens, animal shelters, and nursing homes could always use an extra pair of hands, as well as a genuine, indomitable spirit (more so if such operations are done in times of calamity). Plus, it’s practically the “in” thing to do nowadays with people from all walks of life participating in volunteer work left and right.

Donate your old car – If you’ve been trying to get rid of your old car but lacked the time to sell it properly, consider donating it to a local New York car donation organization like Miles Ahead Network. A donated car can yield significant opportunities for the chosen non profit the proceeds are donated to.

Make use of left-over or uneaten food – Have piles of left-over or even uneaten food after a special event? Those could feed scores of hungry people, or be turned into a fundraiser; a man from Pennsylvania whose wedding was cancelled at the last minute did the same thing, in which he turned his intended post-wedding reception into a fundraiser to benefit sick children. Food pantries and thrift shops could use tangible donations, as well.

To donate a car in New York is only one of numerous ways to give back to society without spending an additional dime. After all, people in need can also make use of practical items that can help them in their everyday lives.

(Source: How Can I Contribute to Charities Without Donating Money?