Save the World, One Car at a Time: 3 Things that Make Us Different

Are you pondering on what to do with your old car? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most car owners often find themselves struggling with what to do with an outdated or unused car—especially when they don’t have enough garage or yard space. The good news is you can donate your old car, and help out an organization in the process.

The problem is some car donation companies make this entire process more complicated than it should be. Miles Ahead Network sees things differently and makes sure that donating a car is a straightforward, hassle-free process. This and the three other reasons below are the things that keep us miles apart from our peers.

1) We have a non-profit veteran leading the way.

The power of social media and other online platforms makes it relatively easy to rouse awareness for social causes these days. However, our founder, Laurie Marks Law, boasts of 20 years of experience as an executive in the nonprofit organization field back when selfies didn’t exist yet, and giving voice to the unheard and neglected was a Herculean task. Our founder is wholeheartedly committed to philanthropy, and this is something we as a company take to heart.

2) We are backed by a marketing expert.

You’re donating a car as a way to help the needy, but how sure are you that the car will go to a worthwhile cause? This is a question you need not ask if you choose us. Our founder currently leads Miles Ahead Marketing, an agency devoted to bold and unique solutions for our partners. Having access to this expert marketing and advertising team allows us to provide customized strategic marketing and advertising campaigns to our partners to facilitate donations.

3) We aim for a rewarding experience for our clients.

For us, every donation counts, and we open our doors to anyone willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it. No matter how much your car is worth, we’ll see to it that the proceeds rightfully go to the charity of your own choosing. In the end, we know we’ve done a good job if you had a rewarding experience.

With us, donating a car is a simple, trouble-free but nonetheless rewarding process. For inquiries, call us at 800-868-6004.

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